ArcExplorer Java Edition

ArcExplorer Java Edition 9.2

ArcExplorer is an explorer of shapefiles, images data layers and other sources
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Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

ArcExplorer is a data explorer that allows you to sift through shapefiles, images data layers and other data sources. It is a software that deals specifically with GIS data, making mapping and plotting easy and fast since spatial data can very quickly and easily be identified. With this unique program you can zoom in or out or pan through different data layers. You can also create a data profile by which the software will allow you to view and compare the features.

One thing that makes this explorer very user friendly is the fact that the data can be distributed to other PCs without any additional cost. ArcExplorer can literally be installed onto another PC and other users could view your data. You can customize your maps and images before distributing just to be sure that it looks the way you want it.

When considering an ideal user interface in a system like this, you might find this one quite handy. It comes with a menu and task bar that functions intuitively. You can use utilities found on these to add layer to your data set, edit and customize your maps. ArcExplorer has by now come out in various layers that make it easier for you to find the version with optimal compatibility and most comprehensive features for your needs. Each version has its own list of feature and finally you could select a perfect package and get started on your maps.

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